Market basket analysis for is the online shop of step, a business that specializes in footwear products (ex. shoe polishes, anatomic insoles etc). They gave Eureka Module a couple of months orders that were made to their store and we performed our magic! We managed to discover which products tend to be bought together, thus providing useful information […]

Optimizing newsletters campaign

A startup that is using newsletters sent by email to attract clients contacted Eureka Module. They wanted to know how they could optimize their newsletter campaign. Our team gathered their data and run an extensive statistical analysis. We managed to group newsletters according to various characteristics (ex. opened/sent ratio, clicked/opened ratio etc). Then we selected […]

Predicting entry threshold for schools in Greece

Every year a nationwide series of examinations takes place in Greece. The results of these exams decide the students that are given the right to enroll in Higher Educational institutes. More specifically, there exists a certain number of open positions at every school. Every year this number is less than number of candidates.  Hence the […]