Predicting entry threshold for schools in Greece

Every year a nationwide series of examinations takes place in Greece. The results of these exams decide the students that are given the right to enroll in Higher Educational institutes. More specifically, there exists a certain number of open positions at every school. Every year this number is less than number of candidates.  Hence the candidates must compete for their right to enroll. In a stock market fashion each school has a threshold that a candidate must exceed in order to be given the right to enroll to that school. The more popular the schools the more higher are the grades that someone should have to achieve entry.

The threshold for each school varies each year for a number of reasons: change of popularity, change of the number of candidates, change of the number of open positions, variations in the scores of the examinees etc. Every year the fluctuation of the entry level of the various schools is a hot topic of discussion and a great number of people try to predict it. Just like the stock market!

Eureka Module’s leading expert in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) D. Panagopoulos has used advanced machine learning techniques to predict the entry threshold for a number of schools during the years 2011, 2012, 2013. For more details you can visit D. Panagopoulos blog or the site of the educational organization e-pitixia he cooperates with for more details.panellinies

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