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Data Analytics for Retail!


Here at Eureka Module we have developed several tools for retail business. Our tools allow business to perform several data driven tasks such as

  • market basket analysis,
  • customer clustering,
  • recommendations etc.


With our toolset your business can get the most out of its data. For example:

  • You can find out which products tend to be sold together so that you can for example cross-sell.
  • You can perform customer segmentation.
  • Recommend products to customers, products that they have not bought before!
  • Arrange shifts according to customers demand.


We are especially proud of our recommendations system. It not only provides your business with the recommendations, it can even distribute them to each individual customer!


Maybe you can not take each of your customers by the hand and recommend them new products, but with Eureka Module you can do the next best thing!

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